Equipment List Existing EquipmentPurpose
MATERIAL TESTMicro-harness Tester***To measure the harness of the brass plate.
Rockwell Harness Tester***To ensure the quality of the tooling used for production, and to upgrade the stability of the manufacturing tooling.
Burning Tester***Subject to the standard test requirement specified in UL94, testing the plastic material by burning it, to ensure it qualifies the specification requirement of flammability ranking.
Glow-wire Testet**Test the plastic material and burn the time to break out a fire.
ICP-OES Heavy Metals  Tester**Test 8 major heavy metal: Cadmium, lead, mercury, total chromium… Content.
GC/MS Bromide Tester**Test eight major heavy metal bromide content.
UV/VIS Spectrophotometers **Test the Hexavalent chromium content of the raw materials composition, so as to ensure to accord with RoHS requirement
PRODUCTS TESTVoltage Capitulate Test Equipment***Cutting off the size amount of surface to examine of connector after cutting.
Cubic Detector*The projecting accuracy of this detector is 0.00001mm; it is capable of detecting a tiny and thinnest object like a conductor stand.
Projector***The projecting accuracy of this projector is 0.001mm; it is capable to ensure the dimension of the specimen qualifies the specification requirement.
Stannic Bath*To verify the solder ability of the male pin, and the heat withstanding of the plastic housing while welding process, all of those whether qualify the specification requirement.
Electroplating Thickness Tester***The tester can verify the thickness of the surface electroplating and chemical composition of the specimen, to ensure its thickness of the dielectric layer qualifies the specification requirement.
Magnifying Glass of Terminal Surface**Test the finished crimp for terminal. Enlarging the figure of the crimp height.
MECHANICAL ABILITY TESTMicro-cpmputer Desktop Tensile***To the terminal that has crimped on wire examining its withdrawal force. Assembled male and female connectors also using this tester automatically are measuring its insertion and withdrawal forces. The measurement is able to reach 99999 times highest. (Using the tester to do the measurement is precisely then the deviation having by using handwork.)
Strength Tester
Standing Type Pulling Force Machine*Test the terminal, connector pulling force changed.
Horizontal Pull Equipment***Test the terminal’s pull strength.
Crimping Machine***To measuring the range of the applicable wire (AWG#) used for each type of terminal, and the crimping height, width, and the condition after the wire crimped.
Electrical Shaping Machine*The machine consolidates the brass flake or the specimen to be test. Providing to observe the level of separation of the slice.
Cutting Machine of Emery Wheel*The finished crimp for terminal after cut into slices, for the grinding machine to grind and process
Polishing Grinding Machine*Polishing the level of separation of the slice, emerge the most surface condition, providing the microscope taking a photograph of it.
Metallurgica Microscope*Use the microscope taking a photograph of the brass sheet to gain the accurate crystalloid data for comparing the good and bad of the brass, to ensure the quality of the material. The tester is also capable for testing the product that has an uneasy measuring level of separation.
Connector Plug Static Pull Equipment***The electric wire hangs heavy ability to test the finished crimp for terminal.
Swing Test Machine*Test the finished crimp for terminal, swing for 30 minutes, check and crimped clicking jointly, whether the copper wire is moved and ruptured.
ELECTRICAL RATING TESTElectrical Characteristics Tester***Test the contact resistance, dielectric resistance, temperature rising, and voltage withstanding of the specimen, to ensure the product qualifying to every electrical specification requirement.
Voltage Tester**The voltage of the products after every experiment of test voltage drop.
DC Withstand Voltage Tester***Test the ability that terminal insulation for resists.
Thermotic Rising Equipment**Test the terminal pass the specified electric current, the record that temperature rise.
AC Exchange The Low Resistance Tester*For finished crimp for terminal. Test the characteristic resistance.
Insulation Resistance Tester*Testing the characteristic resistance that the insulation terminal.
Earth Resistance Tester*Test the finished crimp for terminal. Test the characteristic resistance.
ENVIRONMENTAL TESTBrine Spraying Tester***Using this tester to verify the specimen under an environment with high temperature and humidity, after 72 hours, whether its quality meets the specification requirement.
Thermal Shock Tester*Examining the specimen within a shortest time, ultimately from cold to heat, and after the several times of circulation, whether it’s withstanding voltage qualifies to the specification requirement.
Vibration Testing With Agree Chamber*Joint terminal has been matches the complete sets of products, under shaking spokes of 10-55-10HZ/min, measure and examine the products to contact impedance and need the request up to specification after time when must be standard.
Eternal Temperature and Humidity Tester*Using this tester to verify the electroplating layer of the specimen when brining in high constituted brine, after 10 days whether its dielectric resistance qualify to the specification requirement.
The Splash Tester*The voltage of testing the connector and adding the suds after eroding in the salt- water to washing of test voltage drop.
OTHERSHull Cell Tester***Control of acid concentration during electroplating process in order to ensure the electroplating quality.
Chemical Liquid Drop-feed Meter*Measuring the chemical liquid that spread on the surface treatment, to ensure the electroplating result of the product qualifies to the specification requirement.
NOVE Waste Water Tester***Test chemical oxygen demand COD of waste water.
High Temperature Stove*Connector stress relief